Founder Bruce Bernstein started UBIX Processing in 2014 after successfully managing his own health condition using CBD oil. In  2013, upon being diagnosed with a precancerous prostate condition, Bruce carefully weighed the potential benefits and risks of the conventional medical advice offered by doctors and specialists. He also searched for the best alternative and natural therapies. Among these, Bruce was most impressed by the work of famed medical cannabis researcher Rick Simpson.

Then Bruce and his partner, Britt Stanford, decided to try something different.

The inventive duo purchased an essential oil maker, some dry ice and some hemp and made their first CBD oil extract right on their kitchen table. The results were dramatic. Bruce began taking his home-brewed CBD extract and within just a few months his PSA levels dropped by 33%. He continued to take the CBD oil and his levels remained at the same safe level for the next 18 months. Their memory of first receiving the lab report with this astounding news remains as vivid in their minds as the dry ice stain left on Britt’s Mexican colonial table during their early experimentation! This life-changing experience gave Bruce and Britt the impetus to start UBIX Processing.

UBIX started in 2014 with a singular goal in mind, and that goal was and still is to create the most consistent and highest quality CBD oil and CBD finished products in the industry.

Want to Become a Partner?

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Why and How?

Instead of merely boasting that UBIX makes the best CBD oil in the business we have built our business on a solid foundation of quality products and strong relationships with our suppliers and independent analysis labs. From the beginning, UBIX has cultivated close working relationships with industrial hemp farmers throughout the state of Colorado. This gives us the ability to obtain the highest quality hemp and to pay our farmers well so they can continue to grow.

We have also developed long-standing relationships with analytics labs such as Botanicor Services and our in-house analytics and testing lab South Park Laboratories LLC. Our focus on quality means that we consistently obtain the highest quality raw materials which we then turn into consistent products that we can be proud of and ensures that we easily meet and surpass our label claims.

Our name, UBIX, is derived from the term ubiquitous and reflects our goal to produce products for companies in every sphere of the industrial cannabis industry while maintaining a low public profile. We know how challenging and time demanding marketing is. Our mission is to bring value to our clients by offering the most reliable, high-quality cannabis products available, freeing them to spend their valuable time building their brands and growing their businesses.

By guaranteeing that all of our products are made in a facility that is compliant with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) guidelines and by following all FDA rules and regulations we make it easier for our clients to direct their time and resources toward making products and brands that truly stand out to the consumer. Our customers include top-tier marketers and industry luminaries such as Imbue Botanicals, JUJU Royal and Irwin Naturals. These companies understand quality. They don’t only expect it but they demand it. We know that you understand and demand quality, as well, and we invite you to partner with us to achieve your business goals in the medical cannabis industry.

What Do We Offer?

  • Extraction – We turn raw hemp into CBD oil.
  • Formulation – We will manufacture your products for you: capsules tinctures, salves, cosmetics, lotions, vapes water-soluble solutions, beverages and more.
  • R&D – We can bring your product idea to life!
  • Co-pack – If you have all the ingredients but need a facility to put it together, we offer a full range of processing services.
  • Customized formulations.
  • Private labeling.
  • Distribution of our in-house brand “Nu-Apothecary” products.