UBIX was founded on the core principle that a company can only be as successful as the level of dedication and commitment of its workers. Simply put, happy and fulfilled employees make for happy and fulfilled customers. To accomplish this goal and earn its position at the pinnacle of the highly competitive industrial hemp industry UBIX seeks out the most qualified professionals in every discipline and provides them with the tools and environment in which they can flourish. We continue to earn our reputation every day with every new customer and product we manufacture.

At the helm of our company are our five principle division leaders: Bruce Bernstein (CEO), Britt Standford (VP of Operations), Drew Imhoff (Director of Sales) and David Moceri (COO)  These four accomplished professionals bring a depth and breadth of experience and expertise that is unmatched. Leading by example, they create a congenial work culture that attracts and retains the best talent in the industry. The ability of the company to sustain its rapid and continued growth is a testament to the success of our business model.

Our team of more than 20 employees is here to serve you responsibly, responsively and with a clear, unified vision for your product and your company’s unique position in the market. From product formulation to package design and marketing, UBIX professionals provide laser-focused technical expertise combined with a nuanced understanding of how their piece of the puzzle contributes to the “big picture”.

With immense talent and outstanding conviction, our team will ensure that your partnership with us is productive, creative, and comfortable while providing inventive solutions at every step along the way. Whether you wish to market a single CBD product or a full line, we are here to help you position yourself for success.

Thanks to our dedicated team, UBIX will become one of the largest CBD private label producers in the USA. The skills, passion, and enthusiasm of our staff enable us to provide the quality and personalized service our clients deserve and expect. Working with natural products to encourage a healthy lifestyle, UBIX is here for you.

Other team members:

  • Anthony Anguiano – Technician
  • Robert Butterworth – Food Lab Technician
  • Stephanie Barrera – Technician
  • Jaden Lewis – Formulation Technician
  • Mike Nault – Production & Compliance Manager
  • Hira Fahad – Website Manager
  • Arshia Nabeel – Graphic Designer
  • Keren Happuch – Social Media Coordinator