Nature provides us with an abundance of resources for optimal health and well-being. Through responsible manufacturing practices, it’s possible to ensure the quality of the materials used while, at the same time, protecting the source to ensure ample supplies in the future.

Proven and Responsible Sourcing

As every discerning consumer knows, the quality of the raw material determines the quality of the finished product. It is of paramount importance to UBIX that all the materials we use, starting with our raw, whole, organically grown industrial hemp plants, are accurately tested and certified for quality. Once we identify a quality source of hemp, we go to every length to ensure proper handling and harvesting so that all of the hemp’s beneficial properties are retained and not depleted or disrupted in any way. We apply the same standards and procedures for each ingredient in every product we manufacture.

Sustainable Harvesting Methods

Sustainable harvesting strengthens the crop and ensures future supply. This includes leaving enough of the mature plants behind so that they can continue to grow as naturally as possible. Practicing this simple harvesting technique allows us to reap the long-term benefits of harvesting from the same certified, high-quality source without damaging its ability to reproduce and thereby sustain its own growth.

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Eco-Friendly Packaging

Natural products lose their appeal if they aren’t packaged with eco-friendly materials. Using a combination of recycled and recyclable materials minimizes the effect on the environment and encourages sustainability on all levels. Our eco-friendly packaging establishes your company’s reputation for making a conscious and concerted effort to protect the environment.

Factual Labeling

It is essential that every label contains factual and concise information about the ingredients included in the product. Before information is placed on the label, it must be based on documented and proven science and must be verifiable.

Your company has a responsibility to both your customers and the environment. With responsible sourcing, factual labeling, sustainable harvesting, and eco-friendly packaging, your company can honor those responsibilities and enjoy unlimited success.