As the hemp industry emerges, companies use existing technology used in other disciplines to create new and improved processes and inventions within all facets of the supply chain.

As operating procedures progress new technologies are created to solve “today’s problems”. Whether it’s packaging, extraction equipment processing, manufacturing developing finished products there will always be new ideas to make products better and workflows more efficient. To ensure processes are done consistently there is a need for compliance. That is why laboratory protocols, are established that meet or exceed industry standards. The ultimate goal is to maintain the highest level of quality in both product and process. In the end look at the whole operation. Every part of the process is important.

Our Goals

UBIX is dedicated to the commitment to make the best products we can and to always push for new and innovative ways to make our products better. Here are the key pieces of quality UBIX is committed to:

  • Tests that are designed to ensure the safety, potency, and purity of each product manufactured
  • Producing products using the most effective and efficient means possible
  • Use specific testing methods that can both ensure and verify dosage consistency
  • Establish the most effective delivery methods possible
  • Create new products and always use the freshest and most powerful botanicals.

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Through extensive research and development, these goals are being realized and used to create the highest quality products available.

Research And Development

State-of-the-art equipment and strict research protocols are being used to develop the latest advancements in the industry. Professionals from many different fields of study, including engineering, microbiology, chemistry, and natural health/nutrition are constantly developing new laboratory protocols and standards that allow for the manufacturing of the best products produced for the consumer.