Every great company starts with a vision. A vision is something you see that may not be fully visible to others until it begins to take shape.UBIX was founded out of need. Our founder Bruce Bernstein was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and was looking for homeopathic remedies….and got lucky! In terms of the CBD oil industry, part of that vision is educating others who don’t know the benefits and capabilities associated with cannabis products. If a company is to be successful in any way, the vision must focus on both informing the public and producing a product that has been thoroughly researched and produced so that each one meets or exceeds industry standards.

Seeing What Others Don’t

The key is creating a business model that successfully integrates fulfilling a specific need with quality products that have been put through strict research protocols and even stricter manufacturing standards. The business model not only includes the research, development, and manufacturing processes, it also reaching out to farmers, and marketers with our goal to be the essential “pivot point” between farm and table.

Envisioning A Healthier Future

The end result is a vision in which a healthier future is not just a dream, but a realization. Chronic disease results in billions of dollars being spent each year on medications that cause severe side effects. To envision a healthier future means providing alternatives to those medications that have documented benefits with fewer side effects that don’t detract from the patient’s quality of life. The vision must include multiple products that address the many concerns that customers have.

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Healthcare today revolves around expensive medications that have side effects that are often just as bad as the symptoms they treat. Natural products are needed that provide effective results with fewer side effects and complaints. Products should not only improve a person’s life but sustain it! The goal is to provide positive solutions to real problems and health complaints that people endure on a regular basis.