An estimated 18% of U.S. adults live with an anxiety disorder, making anxiety the most prevalent mental health issue facing Americans. At a cost of $65 billion per year in treatment expenses and lost work productivity, it is also a very expensive condition. But anxiety doesn’t have to be either of these things. Evidence from Read More »

Frequently Asked Questions About Private Label CBD

Over the past few years, the doors have been thrown (practically) wide open for hemp and hemp-derived products, including everything from cultivation and manufacture to marketing and advertising. While the industry is well-positioned for tremendous growth and there is a pervading sense of curiosity and excitement, the atmosphere around the hemp industry is also swirling Read More »

CBD Dosing Schedule

How and When to Take CBD for Optimal Results One of the most appealing things about supplementing with CBD for many health-conscious people is that CBD works with the body’s inherent systems of maintenance, repair, and regeneration to promote health naturally. And, as a consumer, once you’ve done your due diligence, sorted through all the Read More »

Thru-hiking is a rigorous sport that offers as many challenges as rewards. When you are in the most remote areas on the trail the equipment and supplies on your back are all you have to get you safely through. For this reason, good planning and smart packing are the first steps to successful thru-hiking. Where Read More »

CBD oil benefits for Runners

Many athletes find their bliss in long distance running. It could be the hours of solitude, if you’re a solitary runner, or you might prefer the comradery of running with friends. Maybe you run for the advanced level of fitness it provides or perhaps your reward is the runner’s high that sets in after many Read More »

Broad Spectrum Phytocannabinoid Hemp Oil vs. CBD Isolate

With the rapidly expanding legalization of hemp and subsequent ramping up of cannabinoid research you can be sure that many scientists will be kept busy for the foreseeable future documenting and cataloging the precise, detailed biological fingerprint of each of the more than 120 known Phytocannabinoids as well as all of the known and yet Read More »

Amidst the frenzy of the 2018 holiday season the federal government gave Americans a wonderful gift in the form of the 2018 Farm Bill. The Bill represents a landmark legislative achievement in that it reclassified hemp from an illegal, Schedule I substance to an agricultural commodity. By so doing, it will help reverse decades of Read More »

Cannabinoids were originally discovered in cannabis species in the 1940s, and in accordance with common scientific convention, were named in their honor. Eventually, over 120 cannabinoids would be identified in cannabis species alone. We now know that cannabinoids exist throughout the plant kingdom and, together, are referred to as phytocannabinoids. A phytocannabinoid can be defined Read More »

CBD for Athletes

Elite and competitive athletes are always on the lookout for supplements that can help them perform better, recover faster from grueling workouts, avoid injuries, and heal more rapidly when hey occur. For an increasing number of high-level athletes, CBD fits the bill. As the legal barriers restricting the use of cannabis continue to fall, there has been a rising tide Read More »

CBD Health Benefits

Cannabis sativa has a long and storied history of medicinal use, with the earliest documentation around 2700 B.C.E. in China, where it was relied upon for the treatment of arthritic conditions, pain, and seizures [1]. Fast forward to modern times, in the U.S. industrial hemp was available over‐the‐counter in pharmacies until 1941. And currently, with recent Read More »