Since the endocannabinoid system is comprised primarily of two nerve receptors (CB1 and CB2) and the cannabinoid molecules that activate them it stands to reason that CBD’s greatest impact and potential benefits have to do with conditions that affect the nervous system. Though much of the research on CBD in human disease is still in Read More »

CBD-Specific Marketing Strategies

Is the CBD business right for you? There are a lot of moving parts to any business, but to create a CBD business that will weather current and future challenges there are a few important industry-specific considerations to consider. Possibly the most important first step to be successful in the CBD industry is to have Read More »

What is hemp-derived CBD and what is cannabis-derived CBD? Part of the reason this question arises is that there is quite a lot of confusion around terminology in the CBD world. To understand the similarities and differences between these two forms of CBD it will help to review some of the basic terminology. Here we Read More »

Celebrities using CBD

As the popularity of CBD has surged in recent years, many celebrities have chosen to take a public stand on CBD to talk about the benefits they have experienced from using it. Celebrities of all stripes are now sharing their stories about what drew them to CBD and how it has benefitted their health, further Read More »

Starting Your CBD Business

Pain relief is one of the most popular and sought after uses of CBD. But pain is a very complex and individual experience and two people who experience the same level of injury will often describe their pain quite differently, including expressing very different levels of pain. Not to mention there is a myriad of Read More »

Starting Your CBD Business

Have you been watching the booming CBD industry and trying to decide where to dive in? If so, its important to keep in mind that, while undoubtedly, there is great potential and the outlook will continue to be bright, the industry is rapidly growing, rules and regulations around CBD are currently in a dynamic state Read More »

CBD Potency Testing

Hemp comprises more than 500 naturally-occurring compounds, of which more than 40 known cannabinoids are present, with only 8 occurring at higher than trace levels. And between field and finished product, potential contaminants — both naturally-occurring and those introduced during processing, may be introduced. The best way to have a high level of confidence in Read More »

CBD for Pets

What if your dog or cat could experience the same benefits from CBD that you enjoy? That’s a question that many pet owners have asked and, after all, it’s only natural, when searching for solutions for your pet’s health issues, to consider all options. Published studies on CBD for dogs and cats have been fewer Read More »

FDA warning about unsubstantiated CBD claims

At the pace of growth the CBD industry is currently undergoing – forecasts estimate the industry will reach $22 billion by 2022 – you can certainly expect a few regulatory hiccups along the way. On April 2, the FDA and FTC issued warning letters to three supplement companies1 about unsubstantiated health claims made by the Read More »

CBD In the Workplace

Benefits of CBD For Work Performance Whether your work is physically demanding, mentally demanding or both, CBD offers a wealth of potential benefits that could potentially boost your job performance. Better Focus and Concentration CBD has been found to improve cognitive function in conditions of cognitive impairment, including certain psychiatric, neurological and neurodegenerative, and inflammatory Read More »