Celebrities using CBD

As the popularity of CBD has surged in recent years, many celebrities have chosen to take a public stand on CBD to talk about the benefits they have experienced from using it. Celebrities of all stripes are now sharing their stories about what drew them to CBD and how it has benefitted their health, further destigmatizing CBD. Some celebrities have started their own CBD farms or product lines or both, while others are lending their names in brand endorsements.

Celebrities using CBD

Why Celebrities Use CBD?


In 2009 celebrity doctor and CNN commentator Dr. Sanjay Gupta was a cannabis skeptic and against legalization, but by 2013 he had walked back his opposition stance on the health benefits of cannabinoids and hosted a CNN special report proclaiming the virtues of medical cannabis and CBD. He stated on the Dr. Oz show “I think there is a legitimate medicine here…We’re talking about something that could really help people.”

Former House speaker John Boehner, who, for years opposed marijuana legalization reversed course just a couple of years after retiring from congress in 2015 and joined the board of cannabis company Acreage Holdings.

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Peak Performance

Many top-level athletes are looking to CBD to help them stay at the top of their game and reporting that they heal faster, have less inflammation and tissue damage, and fewer issues with anxiety around competition. Two-time Masters champion pro-golfer Bubba Watson has an endorsement deal with a CBD company and claims that CBD keeps him performing at his best on the golf course and credits CBD with sustaining his elite playing level. Going this public about his CBD use comes at a risk for the pro-golfer, since the PGA’s official stance is that CBD-based products “pose a risk to athletes because they have limited government regulation and may contain THC”.

However, that hasn’t stopped other pro-golfers, such as Scott McCarron and Scott Piercy from endorsing CBD. McCarron, who uses a sleep-tracking device, says that after taking CBD for some time, his sleep tracker showed significant improvements in his sleep quality.

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson has dubbed CBD a “miracle” oil and owns a marijuana farm called Tyson Ranch.


Celebrities using CBD - infographicHealing and Advocacy

Michael J Fox, diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at age 29, uses CBD to help manage his symptoms and is a vocal advocate to raise awareness of the health effects of CBD and to call for more research into the full potential of CBD for Parkinson’s disease patients.


Talk show host Montel Williams has relied on CBD to help him manage the physical and emotional toll of multiple sclerosis, a disease he was diagnosed with in 1999. He gives educational talks on the subject in an effort to raise awareness and uses his celebrity status to promote CBD-favorable legislation. He states that CBD helps him keep up with his day-to-day responsibilities. Williams started a CBD company called LentivLabs in 2017.

 Tom Hanks has been a staunch public advocate for CBD since 2013, stating that he uses CBD to manage anxiety as well as various aches and pains. Diagnosed with Type II diabetes several years ago, Hanks has expressed an interest in the potential benefits of CBD for treating diabetes. Lending his celebrity status and financial backing will undoubtedly shine a welcome spotlight on this somewhat more obscure area of CBD research.

Seth Rogen has turned his enthusiasm for CBD into political activism, appearing before Congress in support of cannabis and hemp legalization. The actor takes a particular interest in CBD as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, for which there is a lack of adequate substantiating research, though what has been done in this area, including some small clinical trials, has been encouraging.

When singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 she used medical cannabis to manage side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Following that experience, Etheridge became a staunch advocate, and in 2016 she started her own brand, Etheridge Farms, which includes topicals, edibles, and even a CBD-infused wine.

Add cannabis advocate to actress and comedienne Whoopi Goldberg’s credits. A big proponent of CBD for women’s health issues, including menstrual cramps and menopause symptoms, she also uses CBD to manage glaucoma, as a pain-reliever, and to reduce stress. Together with cannabis industry luminary Maya Elisabeth, Goldberg started a signature line of CBD products for women called Whoopi & Maya.


The CBD Lifestyle

Domestic style icon Martha Stewart has taken on an advisory role with a CBD company, ostensibly to share her decades of professional expertise on “the subject of living”. It is speculated that her mainstream appeal will bring older consumers into the fold. Stewart will also be launching her own CBD line this year, starting with pet products.

Kim Kardashian recently hosted a CBD-themed baby shower, complete with a CBD bar where guests concocted their own CBD-infused bath and body products.

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