CBD or Cannabidiol is found in both hemp and marijuana plants. Of the 500 compounds found in cannabis plants, only about 110 of them are exclusive to the cannabis family. Because they are only found in cannabis plants they were given the term cannabinoids. Out of the 110+, there are only a few that are capable of providing therapeutic and medicinal effects within the human body. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most important.

Cannabidiol Basics

Cannabis pharmacology is very unique. Its components act within the body in a wide variety of ways. One thing that is known about cannabis is that it does not cause any type of psychoactive behaviors. THC, on the other hand, can cause sensations of euphoria and the general “high” may people explain when they are stoned.

Cannabidiol doesn’t offer either of those sensations. Instead, it creates a reaction that elicits a healing response within the brain and throughout the body that helps to reduce pain, calm the nerves and release anxiety. When taken for medical purposes, users can expect more of healing response and less of the recreational effects. The ratio of cannabidiol to THC is such that the minimal amount of THC accentuates the medicinal effects of the cannabidiol without detracting from them.

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No Legal Worries

With CBD, there are no legal worries or laws that prohibit its use. If a product only contains CBD, it can be purchased legally even if a ban on marijuana exists. There are still many states who have not legalized the use of marijuana. The majority of those states allow for the purchase of both CBD and low-THC products for medical reasons. Part of the reason for this is that the CBD is drawn from hemp plants and not marijuana. The use of hemp is not restricted and has many uses.

Even though hemp is a member of the cannabis family, it is not regulated in the same, nor is it considered to be a drug. For centuries, hemp was used more for functional purposes such as the making of rope and tools. Once it was determined that it contained the same type of cannabinoids without the high levels of THC, it became a primary component in many of the cannabis products used for medicinal purposes.

Customized CBD-Dominant Strains

Medical grade marijuana has become big business for many reasons. By increasing the ratio of cannabidiol to THC, a more powerful strain can be grown that provides the user with the medical benefits of both while highlighting the CBD and allowing it to work more effectively. Breeders are continually working to create strains that offer maximum benefits to each person who uses them. Because each person responds differently to medications, the ability to customize a strain or a dose makes it more effective for those who use it.

By creating individualized strains, breeders can produce medical grade remedies for a variety of health conditions including epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and a host of other health conditions that affect both the central and parasympathetic nervous systems. Individualized strains can be created to meet the need for a specific ratio of cannabidiol to THC or other cannabinoid components that have been proven to provide medicinal benefits.

How It Works Within the Body

There is an intricate network of neurons in your body known a the endocannabinoid system. These neurons draw cannabinoids to them when you ingest weed. Because the cannabinoids bind to these receptors so easily, they can produce a wide range of chemical responses that result in many different interactions. Each interaction can stimulate a healing response. As all of these interactions take place, no toxic reactions are produced by the cannabinoids.

In addition to how CBD works to calm pain and reduce anxiety, it has also been effective at slowing the growth of tumors and the production of cancer cells. The way it works within the body, it not only inhibits the growth of the cancer cells, CBD can cause cancer cells to die before they can cause any lasting damage. When dealing with cancer, CBD helps to relieve every side effect or symptom ranging from the pain and irritation of what’s happening in the body to the mental and emotional upset that a patient may experience.

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As more and more information is uncovered as to how CBD works within the body, it’s benefits are becoming more and more apparent. People are no longer disputing its effectiveness. Instead, they are searching out new ways to use cannabinoids for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. With more and more research being performed on cannabidiol, the medicinal products that contain it are becoming increasingly more popular. The ability to individualize cannabidiol-based remedies is offering those who use it an opportunity to be free from pain and anxiety and have a higher quality of life.