Onboarding is a process through which you, as a new product creator or reseller, can work directly with a specially trained member of our team to guide you through the welcoming process.

There are two principal types of new customers that we help:

  1. Custom Formulation customers that are looking to create new products from scratch.
  2. Customers who wish to resell our existing products. Within reselling there are two additional options:
    • White labeling our existing products to sell under your brand.
    • Reselling our products under our branding. Of the two reselling options, this is the faster way to get your reselling business up and running.

We understand starting out can be cumbersome and confusing, so we’ve purposefully designed our onboarding process to reduce ambiguity, making it is easier for customers to understand what they can expect as well as what is expected of them. It’s a process that we feel also builds mutual confidence in our working relationship with each client and establishes the foundation for a long-term prosperous relationship.

We will guide you from the very beginning until the final, fulfilling moment when you can hold your finished products in your hands. We leave no stone unturned in asking every question, even some that you might not think to ask. Communication is key!

Here are some of the questions and topics we explore with our clients during the onboarding phase:

  • Are you looking to create custom formulated products? If so, what types of product(s) do you have in mind?
  • Are you looking to resell existing products? If so, will you private label them or sell with our branded labels?
  • Do you need help designing new product labels or packaging?
  • What type of bottling do you want to use or will you provide the bottles?
  • Do you need to have suitable product images for your website?
  • What are your long-term goals?
  • What are your short-term goals?
  • Tell us about your existing products, if any, so that we may suggest complementary products to go hand and hand with your existing line.
  • Do you sell non-CBD products?
  • What are your preferred methods of business communication?

 How to Get Started With a Free Quote

We are extremely happy and excited to have you as a customer and look forward to a long relationship supporting your business. From our experience with many clients, we can state with confidence that the hardest part of this process is getting started. Through trial and error, we believe we have this process “optimized”.

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Reseller Discount Pricing is given ONLY with 100+ unit minimum orderLabel Plate Fee = $150/label *estimated, label printing costs extra$500 Customer Intake Fee (white labeling only)10 day lead time for label printing after customer approval5-7 business days is standard lead time on orders from receipt of paymentHandling + shipping costs are customer’s responsibility (quoted on invoices)10% standard variance on label claimsAny additional custom needs will require upfront payment

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Before You Send Us Your Quote Request…

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  • Please note that all raw material inquiries and other solicitations submitted through this form will be deleted immediately!
  • To ensure your request is forwarded to the correct department, we kindly ask that you contact us using one of the following methods:
    • If you have received a charge from UBIX Processing Inc. on your monthly credit card statement click here.
    • If you are interested in an employment opportunity with UBIX Labs, please visit our careers section.
    • All media, marketing, and sponsorship inquiries should be directly emailed to our marketing department.

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