Minimum order Quantity

  1.   Yes we do have sample sizes

For Nu Apothecary orders we are requesting a case (25 units) is the minimum. For private label customers the MOQ is ten cases approximately 250 for capsules and topicals and 500 for tinctures

Yes, our NU Apothecary brand is available for customers who can’t afford the MOQ demand but still want to sell lower volume CBD Products.

UBIX has been a Ubiquitous Private labeler of CBD Products for over four years. Because of our dedicated staff and in house analytics I won’t say we are the best in the industry, but I will say we are the most consistent of any other CBD lab in the industry.

Yes if product is broken or spoiled. Most customer just want a product swap.

Not yet, but will be GMP by September/October. Once we get that cert, ISO we will be by default.

Yes we will offer warehousing services for a small fee.

Marketing and competitive analysis? Maybe that’s something you can incorporate with you graphic design service.

Customer pays for R&D they will own it.

Yes we do (I would like to eventually make a wizard driven questionnaire to help customers through a specification document)

Fill out application (need to create online form).



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