Bulk CBD capsules USA, Canda, Europe, AustraliaThere’s no point in questioning the countless benefits of CBD, one out of which is it can be taken in any form from powder to liquid. CBD pills come in various forms; the most popular one is capsules. CBD capsules look just like a regular vitamin or any other health supplement. Capsules are considered the easiest way to intake CBD. Just take one capsule down your throat as per suggested daily dose and you are done. Their absorption in the body is as easy as swallowing. You don’t need to bother much.

White-Label & Wholesale CBD Capsules

UBIX Processing offers capsules which are 100% organic, derived from cannabidiol, obtained from cannabis, grown organically under the strict supervision of highly qualified professionals and extracted with extreme care and safety measures to assure maximum health benefit without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. It’s processed and strictly tested in our state-of-the-art labs.

We strive to deliver an unprecedented quality:

Only with UBIX Processing, you enjoy the convenience of choosing the best product ever offered on the market without any hassle of over-dosing, buying psychoactive or low-quality products. We offer a nice value for the price too.

We offer 5 different sizes for these powdered hemp-extract capsules (which refer to how much Cannabidiol (CBD) is in each pill). This allows you to choose the strength that is most appropriate for your individual need. Capsules dissolve in the stomach just a little quicker than a tablet so the product starts affecting your system hastily. These capsules are made with all natural ingredients. Our powder-filled Capsules are all vegan.

CBD capsules are available from several of our brands. Each variety of capsules comprises of a unique blend of ingredients along with our CBD hemp oil. Our CBD capsules contain a moderate amount of CBD as compared to other brands where either a low or a high amount is used which becomes rather harmful instead of relieving your body.

We offer a diversity of Services:

Our capsules do not only cover a wide range of Hemp Extracts for multiple uses, but we believe in facilitating you in catering all your needs regarding dosage. UBIX Processing proudly presents different packaging for 5 different capsules sizes i.e.

Private-Label CBD capsules USA, Canada, Europe, Australia

  1. 5mg
  2. 10mg
  3. 25mg
  4. 50mg
  5. 100mg

In the preparation procedure, we also take care of the CBD concentration. Our green capsules, colored actually by chlorophyll, are all natural and vegan with a throughout sustained concentration. No harmful artificial flavors are added. They can be used with such an ease that you start feeling as a CBD dosage expert!

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UBIX Processing is committed to delivering superbly natural products. We, as a private label CBD Products manufacturer, also offer our clients the best CBD Capsules on the market today, with the requested customization in packaging and labeling. Many years of dedication and hard work has made us capable of earning the reputation of the best custom capsule manufacturing services. We are the problem-solvers with an exceptional service offer specially designed to facilitate your business. We offer a wide variety of products side by side, with the same competency as Raw Oils, Terpenes, Salve, Tinctures, Skincare, Vape Cartridge, E-Liquid etc.
Benefits of CBD Hemp capsules

Benefits of CBD Capsules:

The hemp-power in a handy capsule quenches your daily need of CBD and balances the requirement of the nutrients in your body. These CBD capsules are a great source of vitamins, amino acids, omega fatty acids, terpenes, and chlorophyll.

They significantly do:

  • Increase muscle protein synthesis,
  • Increase fat burning
  • Increase endurance
  • Increase fast muscle recovery and also Decrease muscle soreness.

Get rid of the worries of your daily dosage, quality, concentration and carrying botheration. Our capsules have the extracts from the organic hemp of the finest quality. These non-GMO capsules are free of any gluten or allergy-causing effects. You can take the CBD power along with you everywhere. Grab all these great benefits in an easy to swallow veggie capsule form.

We introduce a new Apothecary:

Health care is becoming more and more expensive with the pace of time so we concluded that a new apothecary (using science and technology to create a plant-based medicine) culture should be introduced for better immunity building and for avoiding pharmaceutical drugs without the using pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. It’s processed and tested for purity in state-of-the-art labs.

Our core interest lies in providing the supreme service to our customers. We are committed to it with our heart and soul. With our flexible and speedy service, sense of convenience and a wide variety of products, UBIX Processing can be spotted on the market horizon prominently. These natural alternatives of the sometimes may be harmful drugs are getting name and fame due to many reasons like these are easy to digest, contain no THC, can be carried anywhere and are of very high quality.

CBD capsules are a good option for those who don’t like the idea of spending time on medication or are looking for ways to ditch medicines. As these capsules can be taken at any time of the day so you don’t need to worry much about the timing too.



  • The easiest way to ensure you’ll get your daily dose of CBD
  • Made from 100% Colorado grown flower 25 mg of CBD per capsule
  • Hemp Seed oil organically grown and cold pressed from same farm (San Luis Valley) Full Spectrum oil (CBD, CBG, CBC,CBN and more)

All our infused products contain trace amounts (Below .03%) of THC. This is done to ensure capsules are full spectrum oil. However, since THC counts are so low there are no psychoactive effect (won’t get you high) on the consumer.

Wholesale Bulk CBD Hemp 100 MG Capsules for USA, Europe, Canada, Australia

100 MG

Wholesale Bulk CBD Hemp 50 MG Capsules

50 MG

Wholesale Bulk CBD Hemp 25 MG Capsules for USA, Europe, Canada, Australia

25 MG

Wholesale Bulk CBD Hemp 10 MG Capsules for USA, Europe, Canada, Australia

10 MG