Minimum order Quantity

No MCT Grape-seed oil is not, Hemp seed is. Hemp uses organic farming practices but government is just starting to give organic stature for hemp.

Blueberry dream, Tangi Tangerine, Pineapple Express, Pineapple Kush, Lemon Haze, Strawberry Cough, Durbin Poison, AK-47.


We offer third party analytics lab testing. We currently use

NO, everything is US-based except vape cartridges which are made in China.


No, we don’t share our formulas

Yes, made flavors like “kingston cream” and “Reggae Splash” for JJ Royal.

Yes, we offer beauty cream, a skin evener/acne medication eye cream and SPF serum.

A COA (Certificate of analysis) is the way we are able to analyze the raw oil to determine how much cbd density is in the raw oil. We then make finished products with that raw oil that we mix with “carriers” such as MCT oil to make tinctures. This is analyzed again to guarantee we are meeting our label claims.

Yes, both and natural cold pressed flavors. Some natural flavors need more flavor and….. we have to use artificial. More with e-liquid.

Yes sometimes, because it depends on several factors including fat cells. THC is stored in human fat cells. More fat, more storage.

Yes, but only with less than .3% THC traces.

Yes. we offer both type of products.

No, we don’t at this time.


The THC trace amounts in our products are less than .3%. And we also have a 0.00% THC product




We offer Capsules, Tinctures, pain salves, lotions cosmetics e-liquids and terpene flavored cartridges.

Yes, We have chicken and bacon flavored tinctures and pumpkin and peanut butter flavored dog bones.

Yes you can. We would require an MOQ of 1000 units and a specification document that we can assist with.

It depends on the size of the order. Regular size orders (cases) are 5-7 days.

Depending on the size of the order but most regular size case(s) orders 5-7 days

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