Private label and wholesale bulk CBD services by UBIX Processing

Here at UBIX Processing, we feel that one of the most important reasons we have been able to excel in the burgeoning and competitive CBD industry is through achieving our main goal, which is to empower our many business partners to achieve their goals. And one of the key components to our success has been positioning ourselves as a complete, one-stop shop for all CBD manufacturing services.

White-label CBD services by UBIX ProcessingOur team of industry leaders derives pride and satisfaction in being able to assist you in every aspect of production; from creating new products to getting your products packaged and out into the hands of consumers without delay. We can facilitate the process of bringing your products to market quickly by helping you create your own CBD product line from scratch or by extending your current product offerings.

You can access the expertise of our outstanding formulators to help bring to life any product you can imagine. Our talented in-house design team will work with you to arrive at a design that appeals to you and will stand out among its competitors in your target market. And that is just the beginning of our offerings! Let us take you on a tour of our complete range of services.


UBIX Processing is a proud provider of natural hemp extracted CBD products. We offer both direct-to-consumer as well as a wide variety of quality wholesale bulk CBD products. Our cost-effective service outshines our competitors. Simply choose the items you desire from our stock inventory to obtain quantity discount pricing.  Read more… 

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We believe in building a strong bond with our affiliate companies. Toward that goal we value your onboarding experience with us as the foundation that can make or break a successful long-term relationship. An onboarding program that lacks clearly defined roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders may result in a vision that fails to come to full fruition in terms of productivity. But our relationship building doesn’t stop there. We apply the same diligence and commitment to relationship building within the various branches of our own business and with the consumer.

Practically speaking, our team-building process involves identifying exciting new opportunities and then meticulously carrying out all appropriate and necessary steps to acquire, accommodate, and accelerate these opportunities into viable and thriving product lines. Here at UBIX Processing you will experience a seamless collaboration. In terms of customer satisfaction, our track record of success indicates that our efficiency and integrity is impeccable. Read more…

In-House Design Team:

An effective design can better define your product. At its core, a good design process holds the user’s perspective and drives development based on customers’ specific needs while, at the same time, promoting the business concept. In product positioning, presentation is critical to success. In fact, the reality is that it ranks above product quality.

Our design team knows that your product design is the first thing a customer sees and that a good design affords you the first opportunity to make a good impression. The most effective product design is woven into the art and engineering of associated goods and services and product messaging in addition to the products themselves. Using the full extent of their expertise, our product designers will find solutions to any existing challenges as well as identify new design dimensions to explore. Read more…

Bottling and Labeling:

We can bottle your CBD extracts in any size you wish, using high-quality glass. We will coordinate with you to  provide you with the best and most appropriate labelling to communicate your product’s story to your target consumer. Read more…

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Click here to become a distributor or inquire about how UBIX can assist with developing your CBD products.

Package Fulfillment:

The package sells the product and we make sure that your product’s packaging appeals to the customers you are trying to reach. We feel that to achieve its desired impact, packaging must address every aspect of trademark, design, color, and vital product information because it is the sole conveyor of your brand message. As such, we take a comprehensive and conscientious approach to even the smallest packaging detail. Our state-of-the-art technology enables us to offer a full array of packaging services in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and materials to help you grow your business. These include tamper- resistant packaging as well as measures designed to keep your product stable and protected during distribution and storage. Read more…