Packaging is a very important part of the fulfillment process. Your product is saved from bumps and bruises and definitely the first exposure to your product. It is your brand’s first impression and obviously, it’s a big deal for you. Packaging is a necessity for protecting the most important thing that is your product. It is a matter of great importance to deliver a branded experience that sets you far apart from your market competitors and create a memorable and shareable experience for the client, too. UBIX Processing has taken the customer packaging experience quite seriously. Although the good packaging is a little extra thing it will not only help you stand out of the crowd but in most of the cases, exceed expectations also.

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It’s important to note that your packaging options, depending on cost can also affect the strategy you use to charge your customers as packaging can be a significant contributing factor in your overall costs. There are two packaging options:

Utility Focused Packaging:

It is normally very simple with no fanciness, like a plain brown box, and any necessary filler to protect your product.

Brand Focused Packaging:

Through this type of packaging, you try to let the client have something extraordinary. It also acts as a marketing channel.

UBIX Processing has structured fulfillment process to be as easy as possible for our clients so they can have access to every bit of information about our services. It further relaxes them by getting rid of all the worries so they can focus on growing their business.  We always try to make our customers feel confident that they have taken the best service ever. They are completely aware of the thorough process like inventory is being managed accurately, orders are packed quickly, desired branding images are provided rightly and the product is prepared with appropriate material.

Fulfillment is something more than just putting the item in a box. It also involves packing materials, storage, and product location too. There are many causes of product discoloration, odors, and deteriorations. The presence of moisture within the area in which they’re stored is the most common one. Such kind of things can literally cause a lot of damage to your business. Try to avoid taking any unnecessary risks assuring your products are being stored in a safe, secure, and climate controlled environment.

UBIX is the only true distributor. Our comprehensive list of items provides durability and protection equally to all the items. It is our top priority to become your trusted one-stop-partner in all your manufacturing to packaging needs. With our spacious CBD Products Package Fulfillment Services, you need not worry about where to store your inventory. The only thing you are supposed to do is find buyers for your product. You get the benefit of selling your own products without much worry as we offer a complete fulfillment center. UBIX serves as a single source for packaging and fulfillment services so it reduces costs in our customers’ supply chain.

Want to Become a Partner?

Click here to become a distributor or inquire about how UBIX can assist with developing your CBD products.

At UBIX, we provide formulating, manufacturing, bottling, labeling and packaging services to meet all your needs. Our highly-qualified and experienced staff has many years of vast experience in the industry. We provide you the best packaging options with the most popular standard packaging sizes. These most common standard packaging options help us keep storage and overall costs down and offer savings to our customers. Our packaging includes all of the materials necessary to accommodate most standard-sized products. If standard options do not work, there is a wide variety of packaging types and sizes, including custom box sizes. So, with UBIX not only the different types of packaging are available but a plenty of resources is also present to get you going.

Before you can ship your products, you’ll need to package them for safe transport. While still providing your products with enough protection to get them to your customer safely, the package represents the most direct touch point and connection with the customer. It also happens to be one of the best marketing opportunities for merchants. Simply saying, a branded packaging experience is a deliberate presentation of your products. Its purpose is to provide additional value for your customer as well as to your business.