The UBIX name is derived from the term “ubiquitous” to reflect our goal to be found everywhere: storefronts medicine cabinets, magazines, billboards, etc., while remaining out of the public eye. Rather than distracting from our customers’ marketing efforts with a high-profile public presence we prefer to work behind the scenes where we can do what we do best, which is to support our customers with methodical and meticulous dedication to perfecting every aspect of product design and manufacture in the industrial hemp industry.

Being the somewhat introverted scientists that we are, we prefer to go about our business without “tooting our horn”. However, we also take great confidence and pride in knowing that we have created the widest range of products at the most affordable pricing available anywhere in the industry that wholesalers and distributors can tap into to build and invigorate their brands.


At UBIX, we offer exclusive White label or Private Label manufacturing services. Our goal is to help establish and expand your unique brand. As a great partner, we promise to fulfill your orders in an orderly and timely manner and always to your specifications.

All UBIX CBD products are custom formulated, bottled, and packaged in our soon-to-be GMP certified facility. In addition to being able to choose from our catalog of over 50 products available for private labeling we have a full-service in-house R&D staff to assist our partner companies who seek to gain a market advantage through developing their own distinct CBD product line.

Great Relationships – The Core of What Makes UBIX Different:

  • Strong Farming Relationships – Over the past five years UBIX has developed close relationships with the best industrial hemp farmers throughout the state of Colorado. From the San Luis Valley to the Longmont Corridor UBIX has been a major supporter and purchaser of only the healthiest, cannabinoid-rich hemp from farmers who adhere to the strictest farming practices using natural techniques like neem oil — an insecticide and frass — a natural fertilizer made from dried, pulverized insect excrement.
  • Great Customer Service and Retention – At UBIX our mantra is “we’re only as good as our last gig”. This motivates us to always appreciate our customers and show them the highest level of respect.
  • Our Customers are Our Partners – We know that our success depends on your success. Supporting you and helping you grow is one of our core values and we are committed to doing everything we can to help you reach and exceed your business goals and dreams.
  • In-House Analytics – UBIX tests each batch of finished products internally potency, residual solvents, and microbes using either HPLC or Mass Spectrometry to ensure our customers are getting what they pay for.
  • CGMP Compliance – UBIX hires outside consultants in addition to our in-house compliance department to make sure all departments are performing their duties to the highest level of production and sanitation standards.

Want to Become a Partner?

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A US-Based Company:

Outside of purchasing our containers from China UBIX prefers to buy all of our raw botanical materials from the state of Colorado. When we cannot meet our needs through these suppliers we will attempt to buy from smaller US-based businesses and we also have an excellent supplier from Canada. Because we are a compliance lab all of our suppliers must provide COA’s and MSD’s or we can’t work with them.

More About Us:

Learn more about us here.

A Wide Variety of Products:

UBIX has over 50 products available for private label. Don’t like the formulation? Let us know and we will be happy to make specialty formulations within the parameters of our minimum order quantities.

Below is a list of the types of products we make at UBIX