Thru-Hiking with CBD
Thru-Hiking With CBD

by, Tracey Roizman, DC

Thru-hiking is a rigorous sport that offers as many challenges as rewards. When you are in the most remote areas on the trail the equipment and supplies on your back are all you have to get you safely through. For this reason, good planning and smart packing are the first steps to successful thru-hiking. Where health and first aid supplies are concerned, CBD offers a great variety of health benefits; possibly more than any other single supplement, making it a thru hiker’s best trail buddy ever.

Energy and Endurance

CBD can help your body keep up with the physical demands so you get the most out of every rugged day on the trail. CBD improves endurance by supporting healthy heart and respiratory function. If your hike includes high-elevation climbs CBD may help you adapt by improving circulation while protecting your brain during the transition to low oxygen levels at those high altitudes. And, if you love to hike but suffer with exercise induced asthma or are allergic to pollens or airborne particles, CBD has been shown to help the allergy-prone breathe easier by reducing airway inflammation.  

Pain Relief

Scrapes, bumps and bruises, twisted knees and ankles, bee stings and bug bites. It’s all part of the hiking life. And it’s also how you earn some of your bragging rights as thru-hiker! CBD can help extinguish aches and pains of all sorts. In fact, pain relief is one of the main reasons many people use CBD. Studies indicate that CBD works by blocking pain messages and preventing them from reaching the brain. It also has potent anti-inflammatory effects that can help reduce minor swelling and put you quickly on the path to healing.

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Light Weight and Effective = Packworthy

When packing for a thru hike, every ounce counts. The same goes for an item’s size and usefulness. UBIX offers a full range of portable, versatile, compact, and highly effective CBD products to suit any thru hiker’s on-the-trail needs and desires. There are many convenient and enjoyable ways to consume UBIX CBD and enrich your hiking experience.


It doesn’t get any easier than our CBD capsules for convenient, precise dosing.


Keep a bottle of CBD tincture in your outer pack pocket so you can easily take a few quick drops sublingually throughout the day and add some to your meals, snacks, or beverages.

Flavored Tincture!

On a long leg of a thru-hike trail food can start to get a little boring and you can’t just pop into a grocery store or restaurant to break up the monotony. Our flavored CBD tinctures are the perfect remedy to add a bit of pizazz to your trail diet. We offer a diverse range of delicious flavors for every palate including lemon, tangerine, cinnamon, chocolate mint, and ginger & turmeric.

Topical Salve

Don’t forget to pack our soothing topical CBD salve, which you can rub over stiff, achy joints to help you warm up before hitting the trail in the morning and massage into sore muscles at the end of the day.

CBD Concentrate

With more than 80% CBD, UBIX CBD Concentrate, a little bit goes a long way. our CBD Concentrate is great as a standalone supplement or, if you like to maximize each dose you can add CBD Concentrate as a boost to our CBD Oil or CBD Tinctures.

CBD Isolate

Yet another lightweight option that delivers on all the requirements for packworthiness. CBD Isolate is an odorless and flavorless powder that absorbs quickly into the bloodstream. You can take it as a sublingual, combine it with other CBD products or use it as an addition to beverages or foods.

Vape or Dab

Finally, relax at trail’s end while you get your daily dose of healthy CBD with the pleasure of a CBD vape pen or dab rig.

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